Time Trial Series


Time Trial Series

This is the Porsche Owners Club competition series for drivers interested in fast laps but not actual wheel-to-wheel racing. Drivers must have an active POC Performance Driving Series license or approval from our Chief Driving Instructor to enter their first Time Trial (TT) event.

Every car will be placed in an appropriate competition class to earn event points towards year-end championship awards. In addition, a highly coveted Fastest Time Of The Day award will be earned at each event.  For students, there will be POC certified in-car instructors available for every lap.  Once a TT license is earned, a driver can run solo in any TT event and is eligible to apply for the POC Racers Clinic to begin competing in full wheel-to-wheel racing.

Non-Porsche sports type cars are welcome.  All cars must be examined and certified per the POC safety requirements in advance of the event by a club approved POC Tech Inspection Station. Tech inspections can be done at the track for a fee, prior to checking-in at Registration.

Safety is a primary concern of the Porsche Owners Club. Drivers should refer to the club’s General Competition Rules for appropriate safety requirements for their particular vehicles. Cars built in year 2000 and later generally have different requirements from those built before 2000. Questions can be directed to the Competition Director or Chief Driving Instructor.

Every Time Trial driver will compete in four to five run group sessions per day. Laps are timed. After the first run session, every session after will be gridded by lap times to create as much open track space as possible. A driver’s fastest time during any run session of the day will count towards his event points and year-end championship. Passing will take place anywhere on the track with a point-by from the slower driver to the passing driver unless otherwise specified by the Chief Driving Instructor.

Timing transponders are available for rental through the club.

Professional fire, ambulance and rescue crews will be on hand working with professional corner workers and race officials to keep the TT events fast and safe.

Porsche Owners Club drivers have been running fast laps on race tracks all over the Western U.S. for nearly 60 years. We take great pride in our historic record of speed and safety.

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